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Electronic Mech Sheet

Revision: 1.0
Release Date: February 15, 2011
Platform: Any OS that can run the JRE
One of the issues I have always had when running BattleTech has been printing out tonnes of 'Mech record sheets to keep track of all of the units during the battle. So, in order to save me effort and to save a few trees, I have created an electronic version of that record sheet in Java. This record sheet can be used to track quite a few 'Mechs at a time since it opens each in its own tab, allowing a Game Master to field any number that he or she requires.

Before you can run this application you need to have the Java Runtime Environment installed on your machine. This application will allow you to run native Java applications on your computer. Once you have it installed, simply download the JAR version of the application, extract it to a location, and double click on the MechController.jar file. The application will then load.

Any custom 'Mechs that you would like to use with this application have to be placed in the mechs directory within the location to which you extracted the zip file. Then load the application and your 'Mech should appear in the drop-down box.

A simple 'Mech tracking sheet that allows you to track damage, critical hits, and a few of the penalties associated with the Classic BattleTech game. This release supports any mech designed in the Solaris Skunk Werks application that is tournament legal and uses level 0 to level 1 technology. This basically means any 'Mech listed in the 3025 to 3055 Record Sheets excluding 'Mechs specifically designed for Solaris 7 combat and Omni 'Mechs. For a sample, I have included all of the 'Mechs from the 3025/3026 Record Sheets in SSW format.

To load a 'Mech, simply place its .ssw file in the mechs sub-directory and when you load the MechController jar file the 'Mech will appear in the drop-down at the top of the application. Select the 'Mech in the drop-down and click the "Load 'Mech" button. You will then see the record sheet displayed below with two tabs, Armour and Criticals.

The first tab for the 'Mech is the armour tab. Here damage is recorded by clicking on the region that has been hit and the sections are filled in. Damage sill over is tracked in the torsos only since you cannot tell if damage to the arms or legs is being dealt from the back or the front. Once the armour has been depleted then the damage spills over into the Internal Structure for that region. Keep in mind that you cannot apply damage directly to the Internal Structure image, simply continue clicking on the armour section that is being hit. If a section is completely destroyed, then the associated critical locations are destroyed as well.

The second tab allows you to allocate any critical hits that have been scored on the 'Mech. Heat sinks, jump jets, gyro hits, engine hits, weapon hits, and actuator hits are all handled and their effect is displayed in the 'Mechs status sections. Hitting a critical location makes that entry turn red to let you know what critical locations have already been destroyed.

Downloads: (386k - JAR File and 3025 'Mechs) (384k - Java Files and 3025 'Mechs)
Solaris Skunk Werks

MechController Startup Screen MechController Armour Screen MechController Critical Locations Screen