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Forum Account == Game Account == Bad Idea...

A bunch of companies are now doing this. They are linking your game authentication account to the forum account that you post with. BioWare has been doing this for a very very long time, most notably with Neverwinter Nights 1. Where your forum account and multiplayer account used the same credentials. But that was as far as it went, until now...

Seems that insulting Electronic Arts (EA) on the BioWare forums is an offense that can get you a 72 hour temporary ban. However, since your forum account is also your Digital Rights Management (DRM) authentication account that also means you get a 72 hour ban from your games. Even the single player ones. Seriously, what the fuck?!

So basically if you manage to get a perma-ban from those forums, you can no longer play any of your games that you purchased with that account... again. So I guess that means, much like the XBox and XBox 360, you didn't actually buy the product you are simply paying a one time lease fee for a life-time, or until they are tired of you, lease on their product.

Between this situation, the BioWare name being tagged to older unsuccessful products, and the secret inclusion of DRM when it was promised it wouldn't be there, BioWare is now officially on my "Unlikely to Buy From" list. With the notable exception of Mass Effect 3. I mean seriously, if I am going to pay between $60 - $70 got a game and you have the ability to, at any time, prevent me from playing it, I am now more likely to pirate it. I get better customer service from the pirates as well.

So in the grand scheme of things, the EA purchase of BioWare has been the single largest mistake that the game developer has made. Welcome to the trash bin BioWare. Origin Systems welcomes you.

Oh and... Called it.

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Update: Right... the company was Origin Systems... my bad