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Microsoft Live@EDU

UNB has announced that they are going to be moving their student IT offerings over to Microsoft's Live@EDU. They are doing this so they can offer better "cloud" based services to their students and allow them to better "connect" with other student in their faculty through the use of web base mail, Internet based messaging services, and distributed cloud based document storage. They intent to make these services available over the next 2 to 3 years. I will give you a moment to think upon on this...

Live@EDU brought to you by GeoCities
Live@EDU, hosted on GeoCities

Now I could go into a large rant on how all of these services are already available through a numberof other services. UNB is basically attempting to re-invent the wheel rather than encourage students to find a solution that works for them. I could also point out that people who have not adopted existing technologies that allow to do this are unlikely to pick up their offering either. But for now, I am going to focus on one thing. The Live@EDU website. Bask your eyes on the beauty to the right.

It is horrid. I am sorry it is. That isn't even the web snob in me talking. That just makes my eyes bleed.

Now I am firm believer in not judging a book by its cover, but that doesn't hold true for websites. See, with a book you don't have to constantly look at the cover. You can ignore it and read the text inside. Not so true with websites. A user is stuck working with a horrible site design for as long as they use that website. Which, in this case, won't be very long at all.

I wasn't very impressed with UNB's concept, roadmap, or game plan for this whole migration. I am still not sure if I will still be able to pull my student e-mail into GMail when this is all done. But I figured I would give the service a chance and look over their website. Now I even regret doing that. Well played.

And is that a fucking punch card? What the hell?!