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PC Gaming == Dead... Console gaming == Dead... Better get an iPad!

People have always been trying to ride the wave to the next big thing to hit the market. It is those very people that tend to be the most outspoken, the most likely the make massive predictions, and the most likely to fall flat on their faces a decade later. I am sure other industries have them, but the computer industry seems to have a lot of ego-centric people who think they know where things are heading. And I giggle every time they open their mouths...

The history of computer market has been riddled with them. From someone saying that there wasn't a need for more than 3 in the world, to more recent claims that the desktop PC market was doomed (recent being 10 or so years ago). In almost every case, this proclamation has turned out to be very very wrong. I hold no doubt that similar statements made by the modern day equivalents in the gaming world will hold as much water as those from yesteryear.

Cliff Bleszinski, who possibly has the worst website ever, stated a number of years ago that PC gaming was in 'disarray' and two weeks later reversed that statement saying that PC gaming was back. I personally believe that whole thing was related to how poorly his beloved Gears of War did on the PC market. Then EA told him to change his opinion. But that is just my guess work.

He has now made an announcement, which is fairly safe for him since EA is a AAA title producer only, that the middle-class game is dead. Sigh... What exactly is the middle class game? One that costs 50% the price of a AAA title? So that would make Torchlight a middle class game. That game wasn't exactly indi, even Steam thinks is isn't, and wasn't billed as a AAA title either. In the end it did enough sales to warrant a second game and even rumours of an MMO. How about Sins of a Solar Empire? Also not quite dead. With a 3rd expansion coming out and and there are even rumours of a Sins 2. So if the middle class game market is dead and it is only indi and AAA titles that make it, why are so many of them succeeding? What does an indi game developer turn into after their first release, rarely do they go on to make a AAA title. I have a suggestion for CliffyB. Spend less time talking and more time writing XBox games. Everyone will be happier.

So now that we have covered that PC gaming was saved in two weeks and PC middle class gaming seems to be far from dead. It is time to move on to console games! Yes folks, console games are going the way of the dodo!

Well that is what Peter Vesterbacka would have you believe. Of course he is the CEO of Rovio, the company that made Angry Birds. Since his company only produces mobile games, of which 2 of their products are the same game, I have no doubt he would love to see the console market die.

The truth is a little different though. Both the PC and console markets have been growing. The want for all classifications of titles for all platforms is on the rise. So in the light of reality the statements above make little sense.

I personally chalk this up to marketing speak, much like Steve Jobs saying that we are entering the post-PC market a while back. They have a product, they need to sell it, and FUD sells. So in the end it boils down to...

"The end is nigh, you better buy our product!"