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Black Wood Publishing Has a Logo!

I have finally settled on a logo for Black Wood Publishing, the company I started to publish my father's and my own works. This logo was designed by a UK graphic artist by the name of Paul Duffield ( and I think it looks amazing. Now it is a small matter of getting a nice domain name, some new hosting space (most likely with HostPapa), and wrapping up either mine or my father's book to get it out the door.

Posted by John on April 3, 2013

First Panoramic Shot...

This is my first attempt to stitch together a panoramic shot of the St. John River through Photoshop CS6. The pictures were taken by hand with no tripod.
Panorama of the St. John River
Posted by John on November 19, 2012

Microsoft Live@EDU

UNB has announced that they are going to be moving their student IT offerings over to Microsoft's Live@EDU. They are doing this so they can offer better "cloud" based services to their students and allow them to better "connect" with other student in their faculty through the use of web base mail, Internet based messaging services, and distributed cloud based document storage. They intent to make these services available over the next 2 to 3 years. I will give you a moment to think upon on this...

Posted by John on July 29, 2011

PC Gaming == Dead... Console gaming == Dead... Better get an iPad!

People have always been trying to ride the wave to the next big thing to hit the market. It is those very people that tend to be the most outspoken, the most likely the make massive predictions, and the most likely to fall flat on their faces a decade later. I am sure other industries have them, but the computer industry seems to have a lot of ego-centric people who think they know where things are heading. And I giggle every time they open their mouths...

Posted by John on March 15, 2011

Forum Account == Game Account == Bad Idea...

A bunch of companies are now doing this. They are linking your game authentication account to the forum account that you post with. BioWare has been doing this for a very very long time, most notably with Neverwinter Nights 1. Where your forum account and multiplayer account used the same credentials. But that was as far as it went, until now...

Posted by John on March 11, 2011