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Death in a Pan

This is one of our dishes that was based on one that we saw on TV and made a few modifications to it ourselves. Originally this was seen on one of Jamie Oliver's shows and he eventually turned it into a salad. We have commonly done that ourselves, but on occasion we just eat it on its own. To be honest, the addition of lettuce to this mix hardly saves it from the death category. Just makes you feel better about eating it.

Posted by John on March 17, 2011

Maple Chicken Curry (Slow Cooker)

This was a curry recipe that I threw together in the slow cooker when I was looking for something quick to make for lunches. This is just the sauce, you will have to make rice, potato, or noodles as you see fit. This curry is rather mild, feel free to spice to your liking as you work on the base.

Posted by John on October 24, 2011