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Bud Bayly's Baked Beans

This recipe dates back to when my mother was at university. There was a fella there named Bud Bayly and he, apparently, baked a lot of beans. This recipe is a molasses based not maple based. Although this recipe is meant to use the oven, I am sure a slow cooker on low would do the same trick.

Posted by John on December 2, 2014

Dark Fruit Cake (Mom Peterson's Recipe)

This is another of the recipes from my mother's old cookbook. This one notes that it came from her mother. Not sure of its origin before that. This will make the Dark Fruit Cake that I use to have over Christmas when I was growing up. My mom use to soak it in brandy for almost a month before Christmas.

Posted by John on November 27, 2014

English Boiled Beef and Dumplings

Another recipe for stew from my mothers cookbook.

Posted by John on April 27, 2015

Hot Chocolate Sauce

Another of mom's recipes with no notes on origin. Although I think I remember this from being a kid.

Posted by John on May 25, 2014


This recipe came from one of my mother's old recipe books. No notes where it came from.

Posted by John on May 25, 2014

Scotch Oats Dressing

This is an old family recipe that we had every Christmas from quite a while back. It is simple, filling and entirely Scottish in every way.

Posted by John on January 19, 2016

Stefado (Greek Beef Stew)

Another recipe for stew from my mothers cookbook.

Posted by John on April 27, 2015

Tourtière (Montreal Style) (Mom's Recipe)

This recipe has been in my family for years. It is a Tourtière, meat pie, and is what I grew up with every Christmas Eve. Commonly served with either chili sauce or green tomato chow chow.

Posted by John on March 14, 2013